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Video.1 VHS Ushers and Greeters Tape "Meet and Greet" 2.00 $25.00 Training session of Ushers and Greeters practising the skills of meeting and greeting people in the church. Includes manual 1@$5.00.
Video.2 Ushers and Greeters VHS Seminar Part II "Offering and Catching preview" 2.00 $20.00 Part II of Usher Greeter seminar. Training in the skills of offering and preview of catching. Manual included 1@$5.00
Video.3 Usher Greeter Catching and Perimeter 2.00 $25.00 Usher/Greeter training video Catching and perimeter Worship music
Video.4 Ushers/Greeters Evacuation. 2.00 $25.00 This video is our latest on evacuating a sanctuary in case of emergency. We use our fire alarms to illustrate our point but could apply to any type of evacuation.
Video.9 Inspiration 3.00 $25.00 Ushers and Greeters seminar inspirational motivation.
Video.5 Preaching Spanish Bride of Christ 2.00 $25.00 The greatest love story ever told. In spanish no english subtitles. Jesus and Jerusalem. 25 minutes.
Video.8 Miracles of Christ Athens Greece 2.00 $25.00 John Chapter nine with live video of a preaching session in Athens Greece at with Pastor Zachareious. Immediate Delivery VHS format.
Video.7 TV show miracle1.com sessions 1,2,3 6.00 $50.00 Miracle1.com TV show sessions 1,2,3. Preaching with christian rock band thunderbolts. Allow two weeks for delivery. VHS format.
Video.6 TV Show Sessions 4,5,6 6.00 $50.00 Miracle1.com TV show with the thunderbolts christian rock band and preaching message. Allow two weeks for delivery. VHS format.
Gift.5 Donation 0.00 $1,000.00 $1000.00 donation for the ministry. Thank you very much. God bless you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth james
Gift.4 Donation 0.00 $100.00 Donation to Miracle1.com. $3.00 processing fee. Thank you !
Gift.3 Donation 0.00 $50.00 Donation. $3.00 Processing fee.
Gift.2 Donation 0.00 $25.00 Give Twenty-Five dollars to the ministry. Processing fees apply. $3.00
gift.1 Donation 0.00 $5.00 Donation. $3.00 processing fee due to credit card processing fee.
015 Miracle1.com Cap 1.00 $10.00 Cap with Miracle1.com Logo.
014 Miracle1.com T-Shirt 1.00 $15.00 White with red, and blue Logo. Web Site on the back.
013 Xesor backscratcher patended 1.00 $19.00 Vertical permanent backscratcher. Applied to your shower wall. All included. Click code for picture. Don't use basket. Order now.
012 T-Bolts Demo CD 1.00 $2.00 Demo CD of the T-Bolts christian Rock group. Songs on this CD include "Rock the Church" "Sleep Lullabye" "Yes be Yes" and "Rock heat Rock" Shipping is added as flat rate. enjoy. james
010 Pumkin Pie 2.12 $40.00 Home baked pumkin Pie from GreatGrandma's receipe. Given to me by phone in 1978 by my Grandmother. I have tasted everyone else's pie and this is the only one that tastes like pumpkin. I can't imagine why the others call it pumpkin because they taste like sweet potatoe. The seasonings and secret ingredients just give it such a great taste you'll love it. I unconditionally guarantee this pie. If for some reason you don't like it i'll give you your money back less shipping and handling. Pie is shipped by express next day mail. Pies are shipped only on days when next day shipping can be guaranteed to assure fresh delivery. Shipping is $22 and a $3 handling charge is added. All pies are baked same day as shipped. Your gonna love it. james
0011 God's Water Hot Springs Specialty 5.00 $21.20 (12) Twelve bottles of 1.5 liters each of God's water. This water is called God's water because it comes from a hot springs. The water is filtered and ozonated to kill any bacteria. Another reason they call it God's water is because the people in the village where its harvested by a British Company live to be 100 years or more. Cost includes shipping. Cost is based on $1.60 per bottle. The more you order the less the shipping.

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